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Blastify - WhatsApp Blast

Integrated Marketing
- It combines WhatsApp blasting, CRM, auto-reply messages, and lead generation into one comprehensive platform.
Human-Like Reply
- Blastify AI automatically responds to messages, simulating human conversation for a seamless customer experience.
Appointment Auto- Booking
- Blastify automates scheduling and follow-ups for all your appointments and bookings, ensuring no prospect is missed.
Save Labour Costs
- Automating tasks with Blastify saves on wages, time, and energy, allowing your team to focus on more critical activities.

Blastify - WhatsApp Blast

SKU: blastifyproplan
RM4,999.00 Regular Price
RM1,499.00Sale Price
    1. 3 Months Blastify System 
    2. 2 Slot Device
    3.  1x Workshop Training On System 
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